What Are Pre-hung Doors?

By January 21, 2016News

Pre-hung doors are doors that come already hung in the jamb and prepared for all hardware. While this notion is fairly new in Australia it is the way it is done and has been done for quite some time overseas. Young builders in the USA and New Zealand probably wouldn’t even know how to hang a door the conventional way!


In the past a few of the big door companies in Australia have manufactured what we think of as pre-hung doors. These are, in reality door and jamb sets prepped for hardware, which often come delivered flat packed to site. These doors serve a purpose, they save builders lots of time and therefore money, however the range of door options are limited. Generally only hollow core doors are used and only MDF jambs. With the manufacturing process entirely automated the quality is also limited and would not be used on high-end architectural builds.


Now pre-hung doors are available using more advanced technology and if you find the right supplier the quality can be fantastic. Smaller companies who do pre-hung doors will mesh the modern technology with the handcrafting of a skilled carpenter to create pre-hung doors to the same quality of those done the conventional way.


Embracing this small move towards the ever-growing trend of offsite prefabrication can have many benefits for the builder. Hanging doors is often a time consuming, arduous task that carpenters find frustrating. By utilising pre-hung door systems builders can deliver the same quality finish and materials as doing it the conventional way in a fraction of the time. We all know time is money, particularly when we think of labour costs and often these pre-hung door systems can be purchased for only slightly more than the materials alone would cost a builder.


To add even more to the convenience of these systems some suppliers can quote from house plans, saving time and energy for the builder. You can sometimes get handles, hardware and architraves all from the pre-hung door supplier so that your total door needs for a job are covered. So the whole process from start to finish involves sending plans, receiving a quote and then receiving doors in the jamb, handles and hardware and architraves all to site, which should take, carpenters only 15minutes per door to install. You can have a whole house fitted out with doors in half a day!

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